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Organic Fertilizations

Deep Root Fertilization is the process where a nutrient solution of high quality and organic purity is injected into the root zones of a tree.  This high pressure injection begins just below the soil surface and continues to a depth of twelve inches, delivering the organic material as well as aerates, provides much needed oxygen to the root system.  Injection locations are two to three feet apart in a grid pattern under the tree canopy and beyond the drip line.

It is recommended that fertilization programs be repeated two to four times a year.  An increase in frequency is often recommended in instances where severe root damage has occurred, soil compaction exists or other health problems are present.
Fertigation is a process in which fertilizer is dissolved and distributed with water through your drip or spray irrigation system.  Research supports the amazing results of fertigation.  Royal Tree Works uses industry leading manufactures and products of natural-based fertilization.  Our fertigation products are the highest quality instruments available on the market today and will help reduce water and chemical usage which in turn will help to reduce harm to you, your family and the environment.

Keeping your lawn and landscaping beautiful and healthy is easy with your monthly Fertigation service from Royal Tree Works!  Each month we will refill your system which can be fitted to operate in conjunction with your hosebib or current irrigation system.  Available in two different sizes, your landscaping will never be overfed or underfed!

Foliar (Spray) Feeding
is a method of fertilizing plants by spraying the nutrient directly on the leaves. A popular method used for not only hydroponic gardening but also for container gardening and landscape gardening, you spray foliar fertilizer in a liquid form directly to the plant's foliage. Foliar feeding is considered especially useful for introducing trace elements, or for emergency feeding of plants which are found to have a specific shortage. This form of fertilization is used to correct deficiencies of micronutrients. Some gardeners have actually reported seeing plants improve within an hour of spraying, due to the fast acting nature of this type of application. Gardeners who want plants to grow a great number of flowers need to use an organic foliar plant food that contains a high percentage of phosphorus, which boosts flower production. Tests have shown that up to 90 percent of nutrient solution from a foliar spray can be found in the smallest root of a plant within 60 minutes of application. Additional research has shown that foliar fertilizers can be 8 to 10 times more effective than soil feed. Perennials should only require a foliar spray every 6-8 weeks during their flowering or growing season. Annuals are much heavier feeders because their whole growth needs to be completed from seedling to producing plant within one growing season. Therefore, their fertilizing needs are heavier and they will require a foliage fertilizer every 3 weeks at a minimum. Vegetables should be fed through their foliage every week during their production season. This will stave off any pest and disease problems and increase the yields of your vegetables. Fruit trees should be treated the same as your annuals.

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