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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I have my trees trimmed?
Trimming once a year is highly recommended for most trees. However, to maintain a visually pleasing desert tree most clients have them serviced twice a year. The twice a year service is also suggested for monsoon protection, especially for the more brittle trees, i.e. palo verde, eucalyptus, and acacias.

How often should I water my trees?
Watering should be done on a weekly basis. Trees should be given a slow, deep soak using a soaker hose placed on the ground away from the base of the trunk, directly under the perimeter of the tree canopy. If water is applied quickly, the surface dirt will become muddy and very little water will soak down into the root system which will result in the roots growing closer to the surface and creating a less structurally sound tree.

How do I know when a tree needs to be removed?
If a tree has obvious damage such as splitting down the center, large branches cracking and falling off of the tree or noises you can hear, it is more than likely the tree will need to be removed. Diseased and dying trees can be diagnosed and treated or removed by our staff of professionals.

Why should I have my trees deep root fed?
A healthy and thriving tree is less likely to be infected with a bacteria or fungi and is less likely to be inhabited by wood eating insects. Deep root feeding provides your trees with all of the necessary growth stimulating components to encourage and enhance its beauty.

How can I help prevent major damage to my trees during the monsoon season?
Regularly and correctly water each tree, stake small and immature trees, schedule regular tree trimmings, have dead and excess tree branches removed and have each tree regularly deep root fed as prescribed for individual trees.

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